0. Where in Japan


The first thing you want to do is pick a location in Japan to start or further your studies of Japanese.




With my own personal experience I was originally looking to go to a school in Tokyo. I figured it will be the more exciting adventure to do. After a few days of searching and thinking, I said to myself, “Do I want to party or learn Japanese?”. I switched my school location search to the Osaka region. I wanted to fully learn Japanese and not speak a word of English. Knowing Tokyo is very fast paced like New York is and has a decent amount of English speaking people, I did not want this. Now I am not saying you should not chose Tokyo because as we speak I am either applying to a school in Tokyo or will be in Tokyo furthering my studies. For my first school I wanted to go somewhere different and learning some Kansai dialect in Osaka would be fun.

The locations of Japan I would recommend are:

  • Tokyo – 13,216,221 pop. – High Living Cost – Earthquake: Low
  • Nagoya- 2,267,048 pop. – Medium Living Cost – Earthquake: Low
  • Osaka – 2,871,680 pop. – Medium/Low Living Cost – Earthquake: Low
  • Kyoto – 1,470,902 – pop. – Low Living Cost – Earthquake: Very Low
  • Kobe – 1,545,410 pop. – Medium Living Cost – Earthquake: Medium

If you do not see the area of Japan you wish to study in, please contact me and I will personally research this for you and add it to the site.